Consultants; 40

Background: academic, power industry, bulk specialists, container freight, engineering, passenger trains, port operations, commercial, business development, mathematical modellers, supply chain and finance, dangerous goods, barge, intermodal, train planning, book authors, adult teaching and knowledge transfer, cost analysis 

Base: London and international

Pricing: per consultant time

Results: guaranteed


Planning Enhanced Revenue

Revenue modelling

Enhancing Revenue from existing operations

Optimum Plan

Developing new business flow

Capturing the maximum possible revenue 

Collaborative with port business


Reducing costs in existing operations on a huge scale

Reducing costs per unit

Planning cost optimality in new projects

Identifying cost mis-management and correction plan

Dangerous Goods / HSE

Planning, advising, auditing, training, mentoring, risk assessment, identifying risks

Education & Knowledge Transfer

Planning for host nation citizens to move into all senior roles

Teaching and training all aspects

Coaching and mentoring

Collaborating with universities to write and produce course material

Future planning for self sustainability

Performance enhancement

Finding root causes of problems in rail operations 

Plans to address fundamental and underlying problems

Improving performance

Investigative angle to look at underlying issues affecting performance that go unaddressed

Brand new rail

Concept planning of new freight in a territory. Taking you in detail how to maximise revenues and ensure diversity of revenue from the project.

Maximising the business that will flow from any project

Planning rail integration with Port operations

Connection to and planning of dry ports / inland rail terminals

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